Hair Extensions Care Guide

*How To Wash Hair Extensions
Before washing your hair, brush it until all knots are removed. Apply shampoo, lather gently and then wash out in straight strokes under the shower.  Apply a conditioner forumulated for dry hair and leave in for at least 5 miinutes. Be gentle when shampooing and drying hair. Use a low to medium heat or room temperature to dry the hair extensions.  We recommend the use of natural products like Morocan, Argan, Coconut, Linseed, Cypeus & Olive oils based  shampoos, conditioners & moisturizers.
Do not wash hair more than 2-3 times a week (ideally once a week), as this will encourage premature loosening of your hair extensions. Try to stay away from greasy products, they have too many chemicals in, which will strip the hair and make it very dry. 
* Using a Hair Straightener 
It is best to use a hair straightener that has a temperature gauge and try not to use it everyday. 

1. Before you start, give your hair a good brush. 
2. Section your hair and spray each section with a heat protectant serum just before you apply your straighteners to it. 
3. Clamp the straightener and with one single firm slow stroke, move it down your hair. 
4. Do this throughout to achieve a sleek straight look. 
*Swimming with Hair Extensions
Do not swim with the hair tied in bum or tight plait. We recommend leaving your hair out or tying in a simple ponytail. 
Wash chlorine or salt water out of hair as soon as possible to protect the moisture of your hair extensions.

Hair extensions are a luxury fashion accessory. There is no such thing as wearing quality hair extensions for 6 months without any maintenance. Consider this like when you have your hair coloured you have to return at least every 6-8 weeks to have the roots touched up. In order to maintain lovely hair extensions you need to invest in them to keep them looking in top condition.


You must set the hair extensions by a certified hair stylist for long lasting results & to avoid any damage to your own hair. We do provide the professional installation services if you live in Montreal and surrounding areas. Please use our Contact page to set up your appointment.